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>>> Color Meter

>> Color Meter
>> Model: PN-48A
>> Made In China
PDF Product Data Sheet  


Description :

  • Make measurement of color and color difference reflected by materials.

  • Make measurement of ISO brightness (Blue Whiteness R457) and degree of whiteness for Fluorescent whitener.

  • Make measurement of CIE whiteness (Ganz whiteness W10 and Color cast value Tw10) Make measurement of whiteness of building materials and non-metallic minerals.

  • Make measurement of Hunter system Lab and Hunter (Lab) whiteness reflectance factor.

  • Make measurement of yellowness.

  • Make measurement of opacity, transparency, light scattering coefficient and light absorbing coefficient.

  • Make measurement of ink absorption.


Paper, Board, Pulps, Chemical fiber, Textile, Plastic, Ceramic, Enamel, Salt, White cerement, Porcelain clay , washing powder and French chalk etc.


ISO2470: paper and board Blu-ray diffuse reflectance factor method (ISO brightness);

ISO2471: paper and cardboard is not transparent method;


  • Repeatability of test: δ(Y10)<0.1,δ(X10,Y10)<0.001。

  • Accuracy:  △Y10<1.0,△x10(Y10)<0.01。

  • Sample size: Diameter of the testing plane should be larger than 30mm while the thickness is less than 40mm.

  • Power supply: 170~250V, 50Hz, 0.3A。

  • Working condition: Temp.10~30℃, relative humidity within 85%

  • Size and weigh: 370×270×410 (mm),15kg.


  • Simulate D65 illuminator to illuminate. Adopt CIE 1964 supplementary standard colorimetric system and CIE 1976(L*a*b) colour space and colour difference formula.

  •  Adopt d/o illuminating--geometrical viewing conditions. Diameter of the globe of diffusion is 150mm and diameter of the testing hole is 25mm.

  • Light absorber is provide to eliminate the effect of mirror reflection.


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